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Services We Offer:

Multivariate Testing & Optimization​

Sending ads out into the world can feel like reaching in the dark. How can you tell which ones are working, and which are not?

Aim Data specializes in Multivariate Testing & Optimization technology for the automotive industry. We harness the insights from these tests to create powerful ads that pack a real punch, ensuring you maximize your ROI.

Email Marketing

We provide extremely refined targeting for your email marketing by combining key data streams and consumer insights, taking into account factors like:

Zip + 4 Level Geography

Age and Income

Credit Score

Life Events

Spending Models

Consumer Profile Models

Using Aim Data’s email marketing technology, campaigns can achieve click-to-open rates exceeding 55%. Our Email marketing service helps you to acquire new customers and engage existing ones.

Social Media Management and Targeted Ads

Our focus with social media management and advertising is to expand your market and help deepen connections with your community. We manage every aspect of your social media presence including, developing custom image and video posts, audience research, geo-targeting, sponsored ads, and hashtag implementation.

We’re constantly improving our social media strategies so we can keep your dealership relevant, which means you’ll always have a steady flow of new leads.

Google Paid Search (PPC)

In order to win on the showroom floor, you’ve got to first win online. Car shoppers do a lot of research before they commit.

Many Digital Marketing companies today use full automation to manage Paid Search Campaigns. At Aim Data, we utilize a smart blend of human touch and technology to produce the best results. Our hands-on approach to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will help you reach shoppers in the crucial time frame between deciding to buy a vehicle and heading to your dealership.

63% of car shoppers discover their chosen dealership online

Contextual Display & Retargeting Ads

Our high quality custom graphics make for eye-catching ads that work. Turning them into contextual display ads ensures those ads reach far and wide with the precision to land in front of the right people at the right time.
Through the power of Retargeting, we serve your ads directly to users who have already interacted with your website or even your Competitor’s sites! Users who have already engaged with your site are 3x more likely to convert and become customers.

Custom Landing Page & Content Creation

We create, update, and manage custom landing pages, website content, competitor comparisons, and web sliders that are always standout and are mobile-friendly.

Our keyword research helps drive local organic traffic. We ensure that our graphics always stay within compliance and OEM guidelines.

Whether it’s getting more consumers to look at your Monthly Specials pages or having your products and services stand out, our custom content creation capabilities will provide you with the framework to succeed.

Whether your business is looking for ways to expand or it’s just in need of a boost, we’ll provide you with the digital marketing services that you need to take that extra step.

Get in Touch to see how we can help you grow your business.

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