Aim Data

Data-driven Creative Delivers Reliable Results

Aim Data’s multivariate testing platform harnesses the power of data to drive your creative performance like never before. This technology transforms creative content (display and video ads) by systematically analyzing each element of your digital content. An automated creative process reveals what works, ensuring that your content is effective and on target.

See How It Works

With multivariate testing, your digital content is broken down into individual design components. Based on possible combinations of those components, multiple variations are generated and analyzed. Responsive data reveals which design components score highest points within your audience. Your content is then optimized for maximum results. Surprisingly, it has been shown that small changes in creatives make a big impact on performance.

Ad creatives are dynamically generated using all possible combinations of image, text and branding assets that have each been individually designed.
In a real market environment, each individual component category is comparison tested. Data-driven analytics determine the winning combination, in terms of audience engagement.
The final result is a top performing ad with optimum market reach.

Bottom-line Statistics

56% of sales from digital advertising is attributed to the creative*

282% increase in ROAS (return on ad spend) from data driven creative**

*Build More Effective Ad Creative Using Data and Insights. Facebook Business,, (May 2018)
** Average of the performance lifts achieved after 4 brands tested and then scaled their top performing creative (June 2019)

Aim Data’s multivariate testing platform is one of today’s most powerful digital marketing tools. With data-driven technology, your digital content will result in greater lead generation, ROAs, conversions, sign ups, clicks and shares.

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